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This is a recipe I came up with back when I was doing a transformation challenge. Basically it’s a 12 week gym program. In this program there were certain things we were to stay away from. I really love Pancakes and I didn’t want to give them up . One of the main meals that was recommended for breakfast was oats. So I said hmmm ( I didn’t actually say that but ooh well)

Hmmm. What if I could make pancakes with oats. Hope you enjoy.

Try it out and share your comments below. All feedback is welcome

Makes about 10 small pancakes


1.5 cups Oats

1 egg

1 and a half banana

Protein powder (if you want gains 💪) plus it gives the pancakes the flavor

2 teaspoon Vanilla essence ( alternative to protein powder)

Peanut butter (melt it in the microwave) (Optional)

80 ml Water

160 ml milk

1.5 Tablespoon Sugar

3 teaspoons Cinnamonn

2 teaspoons baking powder

Prep time :

Cook time :


Get one cup of oats and pour them into a blender . Add in the protein powder or 1 tablespoon of desired flavoring that’s dry. and blend until you get a flour. Tip will work better if you use whole oats , but you can really use any type of oats. Once you get the flour , add the baking powder, sugar and cinnamon.

Get a mixing bowl and a the egg and beat the egg .

Mush the banana with a fork in a separate bowl and add it to the bowl with the egg .

Proceed to add the melted peanut butter into the egg and banana mixture and mix until mixed evenly.

Sift the flour into the bowl . Add the milk gradually as you mix. If you opt out of the banana for whatever reason 😭) don’t add the water. Continue to mix until you get a thick mixture.

If you do add the banana , after adding the milk , add the water and mix until you get the thick mixture.

Caution : You might be tempted to add milk or water so that you get a smooth / running mixture , Don’t. The result will be a very fragile pancake that’s difficult to flip and burns quick.


If you happen to end up with a flowing / liquid mixture you can add all-purpose flour bit by bit until it gets thick.

Heat the pan you wish to cook. Once hot add the oil to the pan and proceed to cook the pancakes on medium heat(for best results).

Wait until the bottom browns and firms up before flipping.


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  1. Gacheri Kinyua
    May 18, 2019 Reply

    I had postponed doing this recipe for a while. Now I’m just wishing I had discovered this realm sooner 😭.

    I really really enjoyed this (and planning to do so for my Saturday mornings).

    I opted out of the banana story😅. Cooked fruit apart from pineapples on a pizza haven’t ever worked out for me. Couldn’t get cinnamon at the house so I went with cardamom. It was amazing.

    I’m just 😭❤️😋 and full.

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