Five minute fries<span class=4 min read" />

Well you may be wondering what’s this about? To that I will say , this will beat all the fries you have eaten over the years and will change how you cook fries 🤞

How’s this gonna work?

Well the title is not only catchy but it’s true you’ll see how soon.

These fries are better off as breakfast fries and here’s why.

Difficulty level :🥔


Irish Potatoes (Use as many or as little as you like the quantity doesn’t matter as such)




Black pepper



Peel and wash your potatoes.

Cut them into the shape of fries or any shape you want . You can do any thickness this will only affect cook time.

Once you have your shaped fries. Get a medium-sized sufuria/cooking pot.The sufuria should be big enough to fit your fries 3/4 if the way. If you’re doing many fries, do this is batches instead of boiling all of them at once, either way it’s your choice.

This is where it may get a bit tricky as it depends on the amount of potatoes you have.

Spice mix : At Least 2 tsp and at most 4 tsp of turmeric , paprika , black pepper ,Oregano and salt. You can taste the water and adjust to taste.

In the sufuria add the spice mix and proceed to add enough water such that your potatoes will be slightly covered in water.Stir the water and spice mix mixture and add the fries in . Adding a spice mix is optional and you can also substitute and experiment with your own spices. Also if you don’t like the color from turmeric or turmeric itself you can skip it.

Proceed to cook on high heat for at least 5-7 minutes.

Remove the fries just before the water starts to boil (this may or may not fall into the timing window provided above).

Do not boil your fries for over 10 minutes. There’s a strong chance you’ll end up with mashed potatoes 😅😂. Proceed to strain the fries . If you chose to do this in batches, save the water and use to boil the next batch. Otherwise you can pour the water.

Heat some oil in a deep-frying or whatever you fry in . Use vegetable or Canola oil. Fill the pan at least halfway and up to 3/4 . This will depend on how many fries you want to make at a go and the size of you pan. You’ve made fries before so this isn’t new to you. These are just a few extra steps to make them taste great.

Proceed to fry your fries for 6 to 7 minutes or just until they are slightly firm. Again emphasis on slightly. Either way don’t go over the 7 minute mark. Remove your fries from the oil and proceed to dry them . I know you’re probably saying “Hey Kilasi , those fries aren’t done” To which I will say “Yes they aren’t but trust me 😊”.

Do not season , salt your fries at this point.

Get a container large enough to fit the fries. Please make sure that most of the oil is wiped of and none of the fries are stuck together. Pour the fries in and put them in a freezer for at least 4 hours. At this point is why I said that they are great as breakfast fries. You can make them at night before you sleep and freeze them overnight and have them in the morning. This is also a great way to preserve fries if you happen to peel more potatoes that you can eat . Normally you would store them in the fridge but they are never the same afterwards 😭. Now they will be 🤤😍.

We are freezing them so that we end up with fries that are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The freezing helps crystallize their interiors.

Once done with the freezing process, Get your setup for frying the fries together . Once the oil is hot add those rock hard fries into the oil. Be careful when doing this. Please don’t burn your house or yourself 😲👀.

Proceed to cook the fries for 5 minutes or until desired texture.

Now you can see why I called them 5 minute fries 🙂

Once you remove them from the oil. Proceed to season to your liking. I would advise going with salt,black pepper and paprika. Season to taste.

Enjoy 🙂

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