Garlic SpaghettiBy GingerWell when spaghetti stays in the fridge overnight or even a couple of hours later, it look dead and all clumped up, so here's a solution.
FRIED UGALIBy GingerTo me ugali is one of the mos boring things to eat once its not fresh, so i took initiative to look for a way to elevate ot to the standards of my palate.
Roast Orange Chicken Salad with a ginger orange vinaigretteBy GingerI was inspired to create this salad from the Original Chinese Orange Chicken but I decided to make it my own; so after giving it some extensive thought and eating it in my head so many times, we tried it out and I can confidently say it was a success.
Oat PancakesBy YonkoThis is a recipe I came up with back when I was doing a transformation challenge. Basically it's a 12 week gym program. In this program there were certain things we were to stay away from. I really love Pancakes and I didn't want to give them up . One of the main meals that was recommended for breakfast was oats. So I said hmmm ( I didn't actually say that but ooh well)Hmmm. What if I could make pancakes with oats. Hope you enjoy.Try it out and share your comments below. All feedback is welcomeMakes about 10 small pancakes
Arrow roots in coconut sauceBy GingerThis is recipe is what got me into eating arrow roots . Growing up I would stay away from them because they didn't look amazing but then my mum made them for me this way and that was where it all changed; here's her recipe..... you'll thank me later. So let's get to it,
Yummy Pilau with a spicy chicken sauceBy YonkoI know what you're thinking. The picture looks like Pilau but the title is here claiming that it's not Pilau πŸ™„πŸ™„. This dude is crazy, this is most def(definitely) Pilau. Well the only way you'll know for sure is if you get to the end or better yet, try the recipe 😁.
Five minute friesBy YonkoWell you may be wondering what's this about? To that I will say , this will beat all the fries you have eaten over the years and will change how you cook fries 🀞How's this gonna work?Well the title is not only catchy but it's true you'll see how soon. These fries are better off as breakfast fries and here's why.
Timmy’s lemonade from Fairly Odd ParentsBy YonkoSo in the actual episode Timmy tries to selling lemonade to see Crash Nebula on Ice. The only problem: his lemonade tastes horrible! Timmy discovers that Cosmo's sweat makes the lemonade taste better, and puts it as his secret ingredient. Unfortunately, the lemonade starts granting the wishes of the people who drink it!
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